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speculaas pasta is lekker!
January 22, 2009, 5:09 pm
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Sweet happiness..

Sweet happiness

Speculaas paste is delicious!

What is speculaas paste, you ask? Um…only the most *amazingly delicious* jar of I-just-can’t-get-enough cookie spread. Yeah that’s right – spreadable cookies. How brilliant! For those of you (like myself) that did not grow up with the cookie (aka speculoos) you may be familiar with Biscoff (served on Delta flights…). I  equate its taste to the American snickerdoodle. But better!

While the European cookie recipe has evolved for ages, speculaas SPREAD was recently introduced to the Belgian and Dutch markets. In fact, it was a Belgian woman who concocted the idea – and the recipe – and won a national competition.

Anyway, Nico surprised me last night with a shipping box and inside were two jars of speculaas spread! You see, the only way we could get this was to physically bring it back from Belgium. We even checked the biscoff website a few months ago only to be disappointed they didn’t offer it. But that was then; this is now. Apparently does now! Bedankt Nico!!

I enjoy it with ice cream, fresh bread, and even straight from the jar.

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You’re welcome! Just make sure there’s some left in any of those jars by the time I get back ;-)

Comment by Nico

You guys better save me some–XOX GK

Comment by Greg Kos

try the speculaas also with a plain white cheese or natural flavour cream cheese (like Filadelphia)and the taste is like a cheese cake. mmmm yummy.
Dov, a guy from Israel that also captured by the flavore of speculass. :-)

Comment by dov

Dov – I just got back from Belgium this month and picked up a jar of the *new* “CRUNCHY” speculaas. I haven’t tried it yet, but looking forward to it!!

Comment by alittlek

@dov I’ve been doing exactly that for years now! Pumpernickel bagel w/whipped Philadelphia and speculaas (not the paste in this combo – like the crunchiness).. Glad to hear you like it too!

Comment by Nico

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