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Chicks, Day 3
May 6, 2009, 3:47 pm
Filed under: Chicken Little

white silkienapping togetherNico and I have some unfortunate news: we lost two of our partridge cochins. One last night and one the night before. It certainly is sad, but we also want peace for the sick and weak birds. It has been unnerving the past couple of days observing the chicks, especially the two cochins. I’m worried about their health, are they eating enough?, and then begins “the pecking order” – literally. But today is Day 3, and I am hopeful that these birds will make it!

I went back to Pistils Nursery yesterday to share the fate of the one cochin and my observations of the second. I thought about picking up another partridge, but after looking at some photos and talking to the employees (which, by the way, I think it’s a requirement for them to love chickens, because they are so enthusiastic and educated!)…I chose a very small, doubtful-looking Grey Japanese. And after losing the second this morning, I’m going back to Pistils to pick up another Japanese – if they have it! I think there was only one left yesterday afternoon.

Pistils didn’t even charge me for the chick. In fact, they originally suggested me taking two Japanese! I was standing in line, ready to pay, when the lady who had been helping me asked, “Is there anything else you need?” And I motioned “no” and said I was in line to pay. “Oh no, no you don’t pay” and waves me off. That was really nice, I thought.

So here are some more pics of the peeps! I’ll be back soon with updates on their blossoming personalities and how the pecking order is arranging itself.
Ms. Grey Japanese

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