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Big Bird
July 17, 2009, 7:15 pm
Filed under: Chicken Little

I have been very neglectful in updating my blog, and I apologize… You won’t believe how big the chickens have gotten! And yet, I still can not tell for certain what is a hen and what is a rooster. I have my suspicions though…

In the meantime Nico and I convinced our friend, Larry, in helping us build a chicken coop – a plan created over beers and which turned out to be a four-day project! Lucky for us, Larry is a woodworking wizard, and assured us he enjoyed the entire process. (thanks, Larry!). Lo and behold, we created the awesomest coop ever. Siding has yet to be done, and we don’t have a run yet. BUT..  we have a sliding 2nd floor, a nifty nesting box, and an eco-roof (yes, I said ECO-roof!) …and a lot of chicken p@#p in the yard.

The chickens are LOVIN’ the outdoors. They lay sideways in the sun, and sleep. It’s fun to watch them chase after stuff that floats through the air, and then chase after whomever has the prize in its beak. Here’s a picture of my BIG birds!

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Wow what’s up with ‘Old English’s hair today!? Punk style!

Comment by Nico

We can’t wait to catch up to you guys!
Our house is being built as we type and the birds are growing into it.
Your birds are so cute.
You’ve got to talk to them.

Comment by Bruce

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