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Surf’s Up!
December 28, 2009, 6:46 am
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For my birthday this year Nico surprised me with a long weekend to Hawaii. My good friends Kita and Paul are stationed there, and it was the best surprise I’d had in a long time. We had a great time, and Kita and Paul were gracious hosts. They even taught us how to surf! With Kita in the water instructing, and Paul on shore recording our efforts like a doting father, we had enough photos and video for many laughs to come.

While sitting on the plane headed out for the holidays, I passed the time by organizing my photos. I came across this video and thought I’d share. I get a big kick out of watching it. ;o)

Handmade Christmas Stockings
December 18, 2009, 6:50 am
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Last month I caught the craftiness bug, and was inspired to make Christmas stockings. Perhaps it was a means to distract me from my grad work, but I found it fun and therapeutic. Armed only with a needle and thread, however, I lacked some serious resources. But thanks to the internet and social media sites like Facebook and YouTube, I borrowed a sewing machine, taught myself how to thread it (it had been years since I last did!), and searched images of other people’s handiwork – saving my favorites for inspiration. Five separate shopping visits to craft stores and I was ready to start cutting!

Sans pattern, I drew some out and created as I went. Halfway into the project I decided to line the stockings, one challenge well worth the effort. I wanted to make it the cleanest and prettiest stocking yet. So, take a look for yourself – I’m really happy with how they turned out. And I can only hope that Adam and Stacey will enjoy them for many many Christmases to come!

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
December 15, 2009, 3:26 am
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After many weeks of discussion and thought and search, I have found Romeo. Yes, Romeo is my new Birman cat I adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. He’s ten years old, has the sweetest demeanor, and makes a great companion. He loves to be brushed and pet, to the point where he’ll start to drool. He purrs a LOT, headbutts, kneads, and occasionally gives love bites. And he seduces anyone and anything with his beautiful blue/grey eyes. You’ll find him relaxed with one paw stretched out, and a constant swoosh in his tail. He talks sometimes, but doesn’t meow. He doesn’t like loud noises, and hides under the couch to feel safe. But you can slide him out, and across the floor, and he doesn’t even complain. He just rolls with it.

He’s a keeper!