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January 23, 2010, 9:49 pm
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Mmm….Homemade German pretzels. My friend, Jeff, is a cook-a-holic and when he posted on Facebook a photo of freshly-baked, perfectly-formed, mouth-watering pretzels, I made it pretty clear that I wanted a cooking lesson – and soon! One night, Jeff came through on his promise, and we had a cooking party. Nico was there too (well, come on…who do you think is *really* going to be making the pretzels?) and Julia. And being that she’s full-blown German, accent and everything, it only added to the authenticity ;)

The recipe is fool-proof but the trick is lye – a chemical that, if swallowed, CALL poison control. And it’s recommended to wear goggles and protective clothing while handling it. Seriously, who came up with this? Was a German chemist making pretzels and at the same time experimenting in his basement, and then lo-and-behold accidentally discovered the trick to perfectly browning them? So weird… But so delicious.

Jeff hooked me up with some lye, so Nico and I could start making them ourselves. The same day I got the lye we made pretzels, and they turned out so well! But after posting a photo to Facebook, I got myself in a bit of trouble. Too many requests to bring samples to class! It resulted in some very disappointed classmates the next day. Oops….

I’ll just have to co-host a pretzel-making party with Jeff – and soon!

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Allison, these look amazing (as does the set on flickr) I was wondering about the crazy bottle?! It looks like everything turned out amazingly well.

Comment by Nilam

I guess another word for lye is sodium hydroxide? You soak the unbaked pretzel in it for 30 seconds before putting it in the oven. The solution starts the “baking process” and ensures a nice brown color to the finished product. I still find it strange, though!

Comment by alittlek

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