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Country Rhubarb Cake
April 12, 2010, 2:34 am
Filed under: Food

Nico and I hosted friends for dinner on Saturday, and our day of preparation involved Nico making dessert: Rhubarb Cake! To me, it’s more like a pie but with lots of crust. Although I really can’t claim any credit for this delicious endeavor – I did suggest adding lemon zest to both the crust and filling (which he did). I bet that was the key ;)

Leaders of Tomorrow
April 6, 2010, 2:21 am
Filed under: Grad School

I was asked by the fine folks at Portland State to partake in a photoshoot promoting women MBAs. What? Have my photo taken by a professional photographer, and it potentially used as promotional material? Yes, please!

The shoot was not on campus, yet instead at Portland’s newest urban plaza. Director Park, previously used for surface parking, now features a glass canopy, outdoor seating cafe, and water fountain. Several of us showed up and obeyed the commands of the photographer for two hours. And what a blustery day it was! Thank goodness I had a hair clip, because otherwise it would have looked like a fashion touch with a wind machine gone bad. Of the hundreds of photos taken that day, the one selected to be used in the April 9th issue of Portland Business Journal is shown above. Awesome!