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My Last Year as a 20-Something Year-Old
May 23, 2010, 6:10 am
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To commemorate my last year as a 20-something year-old (yes, I REPEAT: 20-something year-old)….I am embarking on a new and challenging project:

Take two photos each day – one “daily” and one diptych – and upload them to my flickr set. There’s no limit to what I can capture, but the photos must be horizontal. At year’s end, I will create a book and all of my many fans can buy one :)

So far the project as been going well. 11 days down; 354 to go. And today I made a big step in purchasing a fast shutter fixed angle lens.

*crunchy* speculaas pasta is lekkerder!
May 17, 2010, 6:26 pm
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One of my very first posts was about this delectable speculaas (speculoos)¬†spread recently invented in Belgium. And amazingly, that post remains my most-viewed yet. So for those fans out there who can’t get enough of the spreadable goodness… I have good news. No, I have great news. You now have a choice. That’s right. CHOICE.

Would you like creamy, or crunchy, today?

Crunchy please! Oh, could you ever have imagined anything more delectable than a creamy spreadable cookie out of jar? Then how about one with little bits of cookie in it? Well, now you’ve got it.

The unfortunate thing (for me) is that, unlike the creamy version, nor our local Dutch store carries it. Thankfully, a friend who recently moved to Belgium sensed my urgency. When Nilam came stateside a couple months ago, she mailed me a jar of crunchy. I’m so indebted.

Gasp! The jar is almost empty. But luckily, family is visiting in June. And even better, I’m going to Belgium in August! So I should be in good shape for at least another year.

Birthday Bash
May 14, 2010, 4:03 am
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May 12th was my birthday, and a grand day it was. It started off with a bang with breakfast at¬†Pine State Biscuits. Best chicken biscuit in town! I went there last year on my birthday, so maybe it’s becoming a ritual… Tune in next year to see if that’s so!

Next, I went to PSU for corporate finance. I gotta say that I was really excited for it… Ha! excited because I had brought cupcakes! Nico and I made devil’s food cupcakes with a cream cheese icing the night before. And I just bought a cake decorating set and was anxious to play with frosting designs. They turned out great!

After class, and a stimulating marketing meeting, I met Nico for dinner at Habibi – a Lebanese restaurant downtown. Stuffed, we waddled down to the waterfront, under highways, across trolley tracks and made our way to…

…Dah, dah, DAH! Cirque du Soleil!

We saw Kooza and it was AWESOME! We had the best seats too. We sat in the second level section, but the first row…so all the characters were running around in front of us. There was a “bad dog” character, and he ran by, turned around, stuck his face right into mine and barked! Really loud! I screamed. And everyone laughed. A couple minutes later I was distracted and looking to my right…when I turned back around, the dog was right there, and he BARKED! I screamed again, and of course, everyone laughed. It was a really fun evening.

Baby Laura’s Blanket
May 9, 2010, 5:28 pm
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I think it’s time to get a sewing machine of my own. Amazingly, a friend has been willing to lend me his – but after accomplishing several crafty projects recently and really enjoying the fruits of my labor, I’ll keep my eyes open for a good deal.

My latest project was quilting a baby blanket for friends, Marian and Thomas, and their wonderful new addition, Baby Laura. Of course, when I first purchased the materials I didn’t know the sex of the baby, so I went with a fairly neutral look. I think, however, that despite the bright reds, blues, and greens, it is fairly feminine. Maybe it’s the pink strawberries? In the end, it turned out just perfect!

For the front, I sewed the patches together and then settled on a soft, velvety, bright red for the back. In fact, it was Nico that picked it out…all on his own! One day after work he stopped by JoAnn’s Fabrics and skimmed the shelves for the perfect color and fabric. Armed with a good sense of fashion and his cell phone, he did it! I was so impressed.

Baby Laura was born on April 21st at 3:06pm. She weighed in at 8lbs, 15ozs – the same weight I was! She’s sweet and adorable and I hope she loves her new blanket and will have many wonderful memories with it.