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Let’s Go, Blazers!
February 27, 2011, 7:19 pm
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The Belgian and Dutch contingent joined forces again to rock the Rose Garden arena. We cheered on our local Trailblazers to victory, and saw history in the making.

The last nail-biting seconds led to the necessary 3 pointer that tied the game and sent us into overtime. Five minutes of back and forth action finished with an intense 1-point win over the Denver Nuggets, 107-106. Thanks to the overtime, we also topped the 100 point mark, which means we all walked home with a free chalupa from taco bell. Or well, a coupon for a free chalupa…

But that’s not all – the halftime entertainment included a member from the audience throwing a ball from half court, in hopes to win a Toyota Tundra. We were already fairly amused from him just launching that ball into the void, but then to our amazement….. swoOooOOosh. The ball didn’t even touch the backboard. After a second of silent disbelief, the crowd erupts into cheer. Screaming, fist-pumping, and jumping up and down. Who knows…maybe even a high five to a stranger or two. The stunned winner also begins jumping up and down, and hugging the mascot. To be a part of, what was probably, one of the best moments of that guy’s life was magical.

Dank je voor een geweldige en spannende avond. Volgende keer zullen we in Antwerpen samenkomen om het Belgische team te steunen.