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*crunchy* speculaas pasta is lekkerder!
May 17, 2010, 6:26 pm
Filed under: Belgium, Food

One of my very first posts was about this delectable speculaas (speculoos)┬áspread recently invented in Belgium. And amazingly, that post remains my most-viewed yet. So for those fans out there who can’t get enough of the spreadable goodness… I have good news. No, I have great news. You now have a choice. That’s right. CHOICE.

Would you like creamy, or crunchy, today?

Crunchy please! Oh, could you ever have imagined anything more delectable than a creamy spreadable cookie out of jar? Then how about one with little bits of cookie in it? Well, now you’ve got it.

The unfortunate thing (for me) is that, unlike the creamy version, nor our local Dutch store carries it. Thankfully, a friend who recently moved to Belgium sensed my urgency. When Nilam came stateside a couple months ago, she mailed me a jar of crunchy. I’m so indebted.

Gasp! The jar is almost empty. But luckily, family is visiting in June. And even better, I’m going to Belgium in August! So I should be in good shape for at least another year.