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Let’s Go, Blazers!
February 27, 2011, 7:19 pm
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The Belgian and Dutch contingent joined forces again to rock the Rose Garden arena. We cheered on our local Trailblazers to victory, and saw history in the making.

The last nail-biting seconds led to the necessary 3 pointer that tied the game and sent us into overtime. Five minutes of back and forth action finished with an intense 1-point win over the Denver Nuggets, 107-106. Thanks to the overtime, we also topped the 100 point mark, which means we all walked home with a free chalupa from taco bell. Or well, a coupon for a free chalupa…

But that’s not all – the halftime entertainment included a member from the audience throwing a ball from half court, in hopes to win a Toyota Tundra. We were already fairly amused from him just launching that ball into the void, but then to our amazement….. swoOooOOosh. The ball didn’t even touch the backboard. After a second of silent disbelief, the crowd erupts into cheer. Screaming, fist-pumping, and jumping up and down. Who knows…maybe even a high five to a stranger or two. The stunned winner also begins jumping up and down, and hugging the mascot. To be a part of, what was probably, one of the best moments of that guy’s life was magical.

Dank je voor een geweldige en spannende avond. Volgende keer zullen we in Antwerpen samenkomen om het Belgische team te steunen.

My Last Year as a 20-Something Year-Old
May 23, 2010, 6:10 am
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To commemorate my last year as a 20-something year-old (yes, I REPEAT: 20-something year-old)….I am embarking on a new and challenging project:

Take two photos each day – one “daily” and one diptych – and upload them to my flickr set. There’s no limit to what I can capture, but the photos must be horizontal. At year’s end, I will create a book and all of my many fans can buy one :)

So far the project as been going well. 11 days down; 354 to go. And today I made a big step in purchasing a fast shutter fixed angle lens.

Birthday Bash
May 14, 2010, 4:03 am
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May 12th was my birthday, and a grand day it was. It started off with a bang with breakfast at Pine State Biscuits. Best chicken biscuit in town! I went there last year on my birthday, so maybe it’s becoming a ritual… Tune in next year to see if that’s so!

Next, I went to PSU for corporate finance. I gotta say that I was really excited for it… Ha! excited because I had brought cupcakes! Nico and I made devil’s food cupcakes with a cream cheese icing the night before. And I just bought a cake decorating set and was anxious to play with frosting designs. They turned out great!

After class, and a stimulating marketing meeting, I met Nico for dinner at Habibi – a Lebanese restaurant downtown. Stuffed, we waddled down to the waterfront, under highways, across trolley tracks and made our way to…

…Dah, dah, DAH! Cirque du Soleil!

We saw Kooza and it was AWESOME! We had the best seats too. We sat in the second level section, but the first row…so all the characters were running around in front of us. There was a “bad dog” character, and he ran by, turned around, stuck his face right into mine and barked! Really loud! I screamed. And everyone laughed. A couple minutes later I was distracted and looking to my right…when I turned back around, the dog was right there, and he BARKED! I screamed again, and of course, everyone laughed. It was a really fun evening.

Baby Laura’s Blanket
May 9, 2010, 5:28 pm
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I think it’s time to get a sewing machine of my own. Amazingly, a friend has been willing to lend me his – but after accomplishing several crafty projects recently and really enjoying the fruits of my labor, I’ll keep my eyes open for a good deal.

My latest project was quilting a baby blanket for friends, Marian and Thomas, and their wonderful new addition, Baby Laura. Of course, when I first purchased the materials I didn’t know the sex of the baby, so I went with a fairly neutral look. I think, however, that despite the bright reds, blues, and greens, it is fairly feminine. Maybe it’s the pink strawberries? In the end, it turned out just perfect!

For the front, I sewed the patches together and then settled on a soft, velvety, bright red for the back. In fact, it was Nico that picked it out…all on his own! One day after work he stopped by JoAnn’s Fabrics and skimmed the shelves for the perfect color and fabric. Armed with a good sense of fashion and his cell phone, he did it! I was so impressed.

Baby Laura was born on April 21st at 3:06pm. She weighed in at 8lbs, 15ozs – the same weight I was! She’s sweet and adorable and I hope she loves her new blanket and will have many wonderful memories with it.

A Bridal “High Tea”
March 31, 2010, 5:15 am
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I was in Virginia last weekend for one last hoorah before the BIG day. My parents and I knocked down one task after another and we’re in pretty good shape for the wedding! Decisions about rings, ceremony music, invitations, bridesmaids’ gifts, and hair-dos were made. Check, check, check, and….. check.

The highlight of the visit, however, was a beautiful bridal shower that the lovely ladies of Kingspoint threw in my honor. Linda, Chrissy, and Barbara came up with the unique idea to have high tea – and it was fabulous! The table was adorned with sandwiches, scones, and little deviled eggs (eggs from my parent’s Belgian D’Uccles!). And of course, a variety of teas served in a variety of unique teacups.

Every guest shared recipes with me, and all on matching “A” stationary. It’s like having a whole cookbook of foolproof recipes, and from people I know! The gals also presented me with cookware: All Clad skillet, Le Creuset dutch oven, Le Creuset panini press, and a gorgeous Emile Henry pie plate. Amazingly, I managed to carry everything back with me to Portland. It’s time to do some serious damage in the kitchen, I think.

Good food, good cheer, good friends. Thank you!

Lan Su Chinese Gardens
January 10, 2010, 9:20 pm
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I really love the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in downtown Portland. It’s peaceful, beautiful, and its authenticity brings me back to my Hong Kong roots. This month Lan Su celebrates its ten-year anniversary with ten free days of admission, of which Nico and I took full advantage of! Meander through the gardens, admire the architecture, listen to the nature, look for the fish under the bridge, and drop by the teahouse. It’s a visit bound to enlighten your senses!

Surf’s Up!
December 28, 2009, 6:46 am
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For my birthday this year Nico surprised me with a long weekend to Hawaii. My good friends Kita and Paul are stationed there, and it was the best surprise I’d had in a long time. We had a great time, and Kita and Paul were gracious hosts. They even taught us how to surf! With Kita in the water instructing, and Paul on shore recording our efforts like a doting father, we had enough photos and video for many laughs to come.

While sitting on the plane headed out for the holidays, I passed the time by organizing my photos. I came across this video and thought I’d share. I get a big kick out of watching it. ;o)

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
December 15, 2009, 3:26 am
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After many weeks of discussion and thought and search, I have found Romeo. Yes, Romeo is my new Birman cat I adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. He’s ten years old, has the sweetest demeanor, and makes a great companion. He loves to be brushed and pet, to the point where he’ll start to drool. He purrs a LOT, headbutts, kneads, and occasionally gives love bites. And he seduces anyone and anything with his beautiful blue/grey eyes. You’ll find him relaxed with one paw stretched out, and a constant swoosh in his tail. He talks sometimes, but doesn’t meow. He doesn’t like loud noises, and hides under the couch to feel safe. But you can slide him out, and across the floor, and he doesn’t even complain. He just rolls with it.

He’s a keeper!

My first pottery!
May 29, 2009, 11:16 pm
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Some of you have asked me – or are probably wondering and afraid to ask me – what do I do with my time? Sometimes I wonder myself, but in a nutshell I surf the internet…a lot…., clean house, raise chickens, workout, study Dutch, and recently, take pottery classes! Not only does pottery require patience, skill and a little humor, it can be extremely time-consuming. I’ve spent a lot of hours in the studio this past week and 4 hours go by like you wouldn’t believe! Anyway, I was there yesterday to trim some pieces, and out from the kiln came my very FIRST piece! After throwing, trimming, [first] firing, and glazing (and not breaking it along the way..) it’s complete! I couldn’t be happier.

Do I sense a career move in the future?

Chirp, chirp, chirp!
May 5, 2009, 12:45 am
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Nico and I have been anxiously awaiting the day that our chicks would arrive. It’s been 6 months sin9 fuzzy loversce we first toyed with the idea…a joke, really, that turned reality when we realized that chicks – for us – were the perfect pets. For one, how can you resist the adorable, fuzzy chicks? …which grow into, well, adorable, fuzzy hens?!? Not only are they docile pets, but they produce fresh organic eggs, fertilize your lawn, eat your leftovers, and provide endless entertainment.

It all started with an innocent visit to Pistils Nursery on Mississippi Street. And there she was – a beautiful and ridiculously funny-looking white silkie. I had never seen anything like it before in my life! And it was love at first sight.

After some research and serious thought, we came to the decision that chicks would make a wonderful addition to our home. I surfed sites like for interesting breeds, and read articles on raising them. I set aside 4 weeks to stay close and not travel…when your chicks are so young and fragile, they need constant care. But the hardest part was actually getting the breeds that I wanted! You can order online, but even then each breed has its own availability and the dates may not overlap. Pistils Nursery places weekly mass orders, and you choose from what they happen to have in. They don’t normally take requests, but I was set on white silkies, so weeks ago I asked them to try adding some to a May order. When one hatchery couldn’t fulfill this request, another one did! I couldn’t be happier. Of course, there was no guarantee they were mine – I had to beat the crowds and be first in line! I pretty much STALKED Pistils for three days, but they were really sweet about it and totally understanding.

Luck was on my side because not only did the white silkies come in, so did fun breeds like red frizzles and partridge cochins. I got three of each!

Stay tuned for updates on how the little ones are doing…